Friday, January 15, 2010

Writer's Block

Yup, it's happened again. Everytime I sit down to write my book, it happens. I could be right in the middle of a sentence, a paragraph, an essential line of dialogue.
But then, I stop. My hands freeze in place above the keyboard. My mind grows blank. Words imprinted on the humming screen march like angry black ants along my eyes. They seem to mock me. The blank space below is disheartening. I tap the edge of my keyboard in impatience, waiting for the words to pour out of my fingers and onto the keyboard.
What is my young protaginist going to do now? I've left the little blond lad dangling off a cliff. Poor guy. Guess he'll have to hang in there until this writing block is over.
For now, maybe working on my other book will help ease this over. (See I'm technically writing two at once, the first and third of my series. They have different protaginists.)
Okay so I write this other book for a while. Howdy Doody, all is well. Until the infamous writer's block strikes again. Now this time, my poor teenage werewolf is awkwardly trying to break up with his annoying girlfriend so he can go out with the object of his affections. This is not going well. He's going to have to stuck there for a while until this brain wave blockade ceases.
After a while (thankfully) the writer's block eventually passes. Like always, I type like mad until...
Yet another writer's block episode hit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Clean Slate

Alright, I had a little blog once upon a time ago (when we still thought emo music was cool) where I sat and wrote about the frustrations of sitting down and writing a book. Well I gave up on the blog, partly because I became frustrated with writing a blog as well!
What became of that book I was writing, you ask? Oh, I'm still writing it mind you. But right now...I'm still on the freakin' first chapter! (I often have a tendency to begin new drafts right in the middle of writing the book) It's pretty slow going. Nowadays I rarely have time to right.
But I happen to have some spare time right now (hence this post.)
This blog, in case you're wondering, will be about writing (duh...), blogging (a bigger duh), and some random things. Random things? Yeah. Like what? Well my dear copains, maybe stories I've written, poems, and rants about...stuff (like society or the fact we were all out of milk this morning.) Hey, it's all writing, all of the stuff I'm going to be writing is basically an arranging of letters from the English alphabet. That counts for something, right?
Well that's it for today.
Au revoir, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.